Kinetic Simulator (For First-order Reactions)
Reaction mechanism :    A + B --k2--> C + D
The number of columns in the matrix1:
The number of rows in the matrix1:
The number of A molecules2:
The number of B molecules2:
Time (Relative)3:
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Chart Type
Time - Concentration       Time - [[A]o-[A]]/[[A]o[A]]        ([A]o=[B]o)
Time - [1/([B]o-[A]o)] ln[ ([B]/[B]o)/([A]/[A]o)]         [A]o not equal [B]o
Note :
1(The number of columns in the matrix) x (The number of rows in the matrix) = Total number of molecules in the mixture.
  (Reactive Molecules (A+B) + Solvent Molecules (S) + Product Molecules (C+D) )
2Maximum Value (A+B) is (The number of columns in the matrix)x(The number of rows in the matrix).
3The number of simulation steps
4For every change in the table shows the latest status of the table.
Graphics Processing Parameters
X-Y axis Minimum Maximum Values
Xminimum : Xmaximum :
Yminimum : Ymaximum :
Image Parameters (pixel)
Width : Height :
Distance from the top : Distance from the bottom :
Distance from the left : Distance from the right :
Graphic Labels - Graphic Color Parameters
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Data Line Color :
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Initial Status of the mixture

Time (Relative)3 =2
*** Simulation Start Time : Tue Mar 28 10:57:07 +03 2023 ***
**** Simulation End Time : Tue Mar 28 10:57:08 +03 2023 ****
Simulation Data